The evergreen Guayadeque Ravine, which gave the name of our breeding is one of the most beautiful valleys of Gran Canaria. Cacti, agaves, poppies, palms, Canary pine and almond trees grow here on many steep slopes.

In prehistoric times, this valley was the most populous on the island and is the backdrop for one of the most important prehistoric tombs in which the dead were buried in inaccessible caves. The Guanches - natives of the Canaries – dwelled in these cave, storing food there and performed fertility rituals. In the 19th Century after locals plundered the graves and with many of their archaeological remains were sold to the Museo Canario in Las Palmas, the area was declared a nature reserve in order to protect it from further destruction.

The area in which the largest lizard in the world is home to the Lagarto Canarión, is also a paradise for hikers. Here there is a mach explore, whether alone or in organized groups. A paved road travels past the Museo de Guayadeque (Centro de Interpretación Arqueológica), so you can enjoy the fantastic scenery of the valley, even without much physical effort.

This route passes through two cave villages still inhabited to this day since its early beginning by people following in the footsteps of the Guanches. These villages have small chapels, a bar and a restaurant. The route ends in Tagoror, the famous cave restaurant where your meal is accompanied by both local wine as well as folk music.

Again and again, we are fascinated by this place, when we spend our holiday in Gran Canaria. That is also the reason why we named our Maine Coon Cattery after this valley.