Maine Coon

Those who are quik to judge a Maine Coon as a wild cat based on apperances are in for a surprise. Contrary to their appearance Coonies are in fact very amiable and sociable animals. If a Maine Coon is kept alone then much love and affection must be provided – low key.

Maine Coon frequently „talk“. They continually coo and miaow. They are very sociable and friendly with others, are great with dogs and live happily alongside children. This is of course when they are accustomed with others right from the start. Maine Coon cats are very human-oriented, but always independent.

Anyone looking for a lap cat in a Maine Coon will be disappointed. A Maine Coon likes to remain close to its owner following from room to room, examining everything done, trying to help, but in the end would rather settle on a nearby chair as opposed to on a lap. Leaving the room, the cat will wait at the door until the owner`s return . Those looking for a friend and buddy in a Maine Coon will be served well.

Coonies are relaxed and have a pleasant easiness. They are lively and remain playful throughout their lives. When not offred enough play opportunities, they will find something to do alone. Everything is interesting and subject for consideration. They like to play hide and seek with owners or to carry away objects.Furthermore make sure to lay about objects as Maine Coons also often fetch their toys.

Incidentally, it becomes apparent that Maine Coons are ground oriented while in play. They love to chase any objects on the ground and to pounce with their big paws, indicating their instincts as excellent mouse catchers.

Compared with other cats, the have an above-average reaction and speed. If you play with your bare hands with a Maine Coon Cat, don`t be surprised about bloody fingers. They are always faster!

Maine Coons are also excellent jumpers. Distance of 2 to 3 meters pose no problem. However, they certainly prefer the most convenient way.

Even water exerts a certain appeal on Maine Coons. This is probably because they are accustomed to it due to their wild ancestry as well as the fact that water rarely penetrates their fur.

The difference in character between the males and female Main Coons stands out. While the female cats appear rather motherly and dignified, the male cats are lifelong true clowns who want to be the center of attention and routinely bringing about nonsense.

Coonies are cats easily kept clean indoors - provided the apartment is big enough and it offers plenty of variety - and is therefore well suited for working professionals. This is partly due to her propensity for sleep. Such is the Maine Coon self occupied up to 16 hours a day with sleeping and its personal hygiene.