We, my husband Hugo and I, live just on the -- of Liestal near a forest.

Cats have been with me my whole life. In my younger  years I was always reserving farm cats and as a result found myself with at least twelve of these little creatures.

Thank you Marion for giving me this sweet mouse.

Many years ago I bought a much desired Maine Coon cat and I knew back then that if I would have such a cat then I would break out with Maine Coon fever :-).

In the spring of 2009 I bought my first female Maine Coon. Two months later, a male Maine Coon joined the party. As it was, my desire entered my thoughts more and more ... Finally, I discovered the joys and sorrows of breeding.

My goal is to have a small, managable breed with a maximum of 6 animals, because it is extremely important to me to give every single Büsi due attention. It's beautiful to feel that this love is also retured.

Thus, our pets feel comfortable, living throughout our apartment, enjoying a small enclosed balcony and a huge terrace, which we all use together.

I cordially invite you to come with us and view our little farm.

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